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What to Consider When Starting Your Business

Posted on December 17th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2013, Blog. No Comments

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Starting a business affects more than you, the people you hire or the customers you plan to serve. Owning your own business has the greatest impact on your family. According to the book “Honey, I want to Start My Own Business” by Azriela Jaffe, the first step is to make a family plan. Whether you are single or married, with children or without, this book makes sense. Consider these suggested questions from Ms. Jaffe:

Financial & Time Considerations
  • How much cash is required to support the business and your family?
  • How will insurance needs for your family be met?
  • How much time daily/weekly is required to operate the business? 
Perceived Emotional Stress
  • Are there aspects of the business you expect to find difficult?
  • Will you have to sacrifice anything important to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health in order to succeed in this business? 
Relationship Maintenance
  • How much intimate time will you be able to devote to your partner?
  • How will this business improve, solidify, or sustain your relationship(s)?
  • How could this business jeopardize or deteriorate your relationship(s)? 
Family Support
  • What kind of family support do you need to be successful?
  • How will this business interfere with caring for your children or other family member’s daily needs? 

Continue to plan, continue to learn, continue to grow and please accept our very best wishes for every success!


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