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The Weekend Attitude Adjustment Returns…

Posted on March 8th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 15 comments

It’s a time of returning to the basics while attempting to create a thoughtful plan for our future.

To all our friends we are returning to our basics while supporting you to create a thoughtful plan for your future. Hence the return of the S.T.A.R. Resources Weekend Attitude Adjustment.

My dad once said when attempting to quit smoking, “buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride”.  How has your ride on planet earth been lately?  For many of us “bumpy” only begins to describe our experience. Our “Attitudes” are  getting more than their fare share of bumps and are in many cases in dire need of “Adjustment”. We are adjusting our attitudes about our staff size, our cash flow, our retirement, our strategic plans, our children’s college funds, our dreams of tomorrow and the realities of today.

The return of  the S.T.A.R. Resources Weekend Attitude Adjustment is an opportunity to stop and reflect as you go into the weekend. We believed then and still believe it today that if you go into the weekend with a great attitude then odds are you will carry that experience right on into the following week.

We are beginning with this post which is actually being written this week at the end of the weekend – Sunday afternoon.

As we start this new chapter of the S.T.A.R. Resources Weekend Attitude Adjustment we invite your feedback. Please join our community through this blog.

How did you “adjust your attitude this weekend? Was it filled with rest and relaxation? Were you busy running around handling chores, taking care of personal business that just can’t get to during the week? Did you help to stimulate the economy by dining in a great new restaurant? In Charlotte, NC where I live IKEA opened. It was a  big deal, just ask the many that camped out for days before the opening! I’m sure they had BIG Fun!

Post your comment below telling us how you “Adjusted Your Attitude”? In the meantime we will prepare a fun, inspiring, and thoughtful attitude adjustment blog post for the upcoming weekend. You can expect to see it around Thursday – that’s usually the day our thoughts turn toward the weekend ahead. How about you, when do you begin thinking about the upcoming weekend? Please post your thoughts below, we would be honored to hear from you…

…and as always and until next time I remain ….

Joyfully yours,

Mary Elizabeth

15 thoughts on “The Weekend Attitude Adjustment Returns…

  1. Glad to see the return, and the passion to uplift and bring us back to basics.
    I had a new mindsetting weekend. After learning my office would be consolidate and I would be out of a job, you can imagine the many directions a mind can take.
    I meditated, went to a Yoga class and came out with a clear head. Don’t know what I will do, but I know I will not be sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if the company calls me back to work!!
    I sat back and recalled all my past success in business and I am inspired to move into a new phase. At the moment I have named it UP’R (unemployed pseudo retirement)…..Just a resting phase in preperation for……….

    • Wow – Sandy you are an inspiration to all our Weekend Attitude Adjustment readers. It is always great to rest a bit before the next exciting adventure.
      Thank you for sharing with us the tools you used to shift your focus and adjust your attitude. I am looking forward to learning more about what is next for …
      you – and the many lives you touch.

      Joyfully yours,
      Mary Elizabeth

  2. This is wonderful! I pulled out my ipod and listened to the Secret again and I am starting it again.
    I have spent too much time in a negative place and I needed to reset my mind and go positive.


    • Thank you Tina for your kind words and reminder to reset. Using the message of the Secret (Law of Attraction) is a great way to shift our focus to the postive.
      Remember what you focus on, you attract – positive or negative. Another tip: you can look at anything through the lens of fear, doubt and hate or faith, hope and love.

      By the way – soon we will be launching RESETYOURBUTTONS.COM. Stay tuned for news and updates!

      Joyfully yours,
      Mary Elizabeth

  3. I have been thinking I need to do a better job going green with household cleaning supplies. Now that I have the time to determine which I want to use, and I am doing it myself….. I will take your green challange and get clean with green! Thanks for the nudge!

    • Hi Sandy,

      Spring cleaning is the best! Throw open the windows put on some great music (loud of course) and dust away all your troubles. Congratulations on using green household cleaning supplies.
      I remember my mom’s recipe of vinegar and water to wash the windows.
      Saving of the green while being green – I’m lovin it!

      Joyfully yours,
      Mary Elizabeth

  4. Going Green is vital in my profession. I am constantly learning new information on what exactly can be recycled. Little items like clothes hangers never entered my mind.

    Check out this website and make yourself a “Green Elixir”!


    • Hi Sheila,
      What about clothes hangers? I’m afraid I don’t know about them either. Thank you for sharing with us. I especially like the “Green Elixir”!
      Joyfully yours,
      Mary Elizabeth

  5. Lisa Bibb on said:

    No one’s spoken of greening their beer tomorrow (what is up with THAT?), but since I am in sunny southern Florida for a few days, trying to sneak in a bit of relaxtion (and I am on the computer checking email…!!), I believe I will try to find a patio somewhere, and relax my brain as much as I can.

    Now, excuse me while I get a head start on the REGULAR color beer, so as to train for my green beer tomorrow.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for sharing from sunny southern Florida. Speaking of green with envy – oops I mean green from beer – here’s to a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a great time resting and relaxing your brain.

      Joyfully yours,
      Mary Elizabeth

  6. Well, I obvisously did not proof my comments before sending them. Forgive the typos please.

  7. Jennifer on said:

    All of these wonderful positive comments and neat tips….and since every party has to have a …… While your Dad may have said it, I believe Bette Davis said it first in the 1950/51 movie All About Eve, when she said “Fast your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” (maybe not the exact exact words….but darned close) And has been said and sung by a myriad of folks since in the play Applause.
    Reading this, realize I need to expand my horizons and begin thinking about bigger, more important things! 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for your reply and though I may not agree that every party needs a ….. but then again maybe to keep things in balance…
      I do agree that Bette Davis said it better than my dad because she used that amazing voice inflection of hers – if only I knew how to find it and add an audio link of it – wouldn’t that be cool.

      Oh well, there is a great weekend attitude adjustment “to do” for the community – rent the movie – what fun, a little popcorn, comfy clothes and Bette Davis!

      The thing about my Dad using Bette’s line is that you had to know my Dad. He was a big Irish Chicago Police Officer who was attempting to quit a habit he had most of his life. When he said it was going to be “a bumpy ride”, he meant it!

      Thanks Jennifer your post prompted me to remember that special moment all over again – and to hear Bette in my mind – now I’m off to practice my Bette Davis impersonation “Buc-kle up …. ”

      Joyfully yours,
      Mary Elizabeth

  8. Thanks for the idea of adding curiosity to the mix. I did so by attending a movie with my husband and his buddy to expand my horizons!! It led me to continue the St. Patrick’s day theme a little late……………I had not one but two Jameson’s to quiet my nerves…….That is Irish Wiskey my friend and it was NOT in coffee with cream!! I can see how some curiosity is better left to the cat!

    • Thanks Sandy for sharing the results of your curiosity journey with us. You gave us a new perspective on supportive spouse. Your contributions are always appreciated. I’m eager to see what April will bring!

      Joyfully yours,
      Mary Elizabeth

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