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Make the Most of Your Weekend

Posted on March 14th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2012, Time Management, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments

file0001250438927 (2)_290x136_scaled_croppBetween Daylight Savings last Sunday and the first day of spring just around the corner,what better moment to talk about time.

Do you sometimes feel you are losing control over your time – like somehow it got off course like a run-away train or instead time controls you instead of you controlling your time?

Imagine if you could have 60 minutes of unscheduled time every day. That would be seven hours in a week and 28 additional hours in a month. Expand it for the year and that would be 14 extra free days. That’s a second vacation or stay-cation!!! It may sound ridiculous, but it can be achieved.

So, how do you maximize your time? Apply these seven tips to your weekend time management:

  1. Analyze Your Weekend – Think about Sunday night – you are sitting on the sofa or the porch sipping some tea, it’s after dinner and just before you put the kids to bed… What chores got done? What places did you go? Did you visit w/family and/or friends? This thoughtful exercise done on Thursday or Friday morning at the latest will help establish priorities and determine how your weekend will go. Check that your activities are consistent with your desired outcomes.
  1. Set Goals – So you’ve got the picture now how do you get there? Be sure that you and your family set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. Be clear about what you want, when you want it and what you need to do to get it. Is it realistic to get all the necessary chores complete and drive to the beach for the weekend? If so – go for it, if not …
  1. Prioritize – Identify what is most important or what causes you stress. If you can avoid the stressful activities – do it! If not, handle those items first so that they are complete and out of the way. Tackling those items first or the most important items – like laundry, changing the oil or grocery shopping – will leave plenty of time for the fun activities later. If you hold onto them they will haunt you like the Ghost of Christmas Past or Future – either way it’s a ghost reminding you of that thing you need to do and don’t want to do so you might as well just “do it” and shut that ghost up!
  1. Plan – Make sure your daily ‘to do’ list has priorities and time estimates. You run out of time, not chores or activities. One big area we forget to plan for … travel time. What I like to refer to as the Big T3, ‘Total Travel Time’. The realistic perspective of Door to Door – you know the time you need to start gathering everyone or everything up to get into the car before you start rolling down the driveway. Consider what time of day you are traveling – traffic, construction, the football game or race? It’s the spot we lose sight of and ultimately leaves us short on time, short on patience, short with others. Not fun!
  1. Schedule – Little ever happens in your life until you create the space for it to happen. Set a start and an end time. Be sure to carve out ‘down time’ during the weekend. One of the worse things I do on the weekends or ever – is saying ‘one more thing’. It’s the “while as long as I’m at – I might as well – do – ONE MORE THING” and it is always that “one more thing” that throws my entire schedule up for grabs. Stick to your schedule – laundry for an hour – done. Dishes – 30 minutes – check. Clean out the garage – next weekend!
  1. Delegate – Do you have some chores that you can dole out to family members? While it may seem easier to do it yourself, be willing to delegate. So the results may not be perfect. That isn’t important. What’s important is that you’ll regain time while teaching your family, especially children, responsibilities and valuable life skills.
  1. Avoid Procrastination – What causes you to put things off? Most of us tend to avoid things that are unpleasant, complex or overwhelming, like actually planning your weekend. I mean after all aren’t weekends supposed to be relaxing and filled with ‘free time’? Yes – and do you know how you get more free time …. See Step One …

Doing so will keep you motivated and free you up for more ‘fun’ and relaxing down time. You’ll feel great come Sunday night which will set you up for a great week ahead.

Until next time … I remain …

Joyfully yours,

Mary Elizabeth

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