Strategic Teams Achieving Results

Team Building

Aligning teams is not about falling down to see if someone catches you. Our team-building process lends itself to team alignment and team productivity to help your business succeed and grow and creating a culture where people want to work.

If you are wondering about the state of your team, ask yourself the following:

  • Is your team in lock-step with each other?
  • Does your team share values?
  • What are the relationships amongst the team members?
  • Are your people on the right role on the team?
  • Do your team meetings stay on topic?
  • Is your team in balance?
  • Are new initiatives having problems be followed through on?
  • Do the team’s values align in order to achieve the goal or does it cause a break down in the process?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, consider getting a team check-up. Contact S.T.A.R. Resources to see how we can help get your team re-aligned.

A sampling of team assessment tools we offer:

“My organization has contracted Mary Elizabeth several times for team development-related projects. One of the ways to measure the impact of a consultant is to see how much ‘sticks’ with the client. In our case, her consultation has produced outcomes that are now part of the team’s culture. Mary Elizabeth is also very candid and will advise a client when an engagement is not going well, or when the client might be better served by an alternative. I highly recommend her as a service provider.” ~Brian Cox, Director of Business Support Services Agency, Mecklenburg County