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Why Employees Stay

Posted on May 13th, by Marita Fridjhon in 2014, Blog, Team Building. 2 comments

Yesterday in our executive team meeting I was reminded of the well-known statement that “employees don’t quit jobs, they quit managers and office environments.” The research by brain scientists such as Daniel Pink and positivity in the workplace research by Losada, Heaphy and others, bear this out.

When we sat down for our meeting there was not only a high frustration level in the room but also fatigue… The server went down, the IT support group was slow on the uptake, pressing deadlines for proposals, marketing and other initiatives were stretched to the max by information not accessible on the recalcitrant server hard disk, to name only a few issues.

Instead of jumping into the agenda, I requested that we take two minutes for each to just blow off steam. Permission was granted by all to not even try to be skillful, … Read More »

Being an Effective Leader by Building Trust

Posted on August 6th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. No Comments

In the workplace, we as workers, managers, and supervisors interact in more than just a business sense. In order to work together, we need to brew a good chemistry; in order for that to occur, we have to know each other. We spend time getting to know each other’s thought patterns, speech patterns, work and play habits, interests and pet peeves. This is especially true for managers and supervisors – the leaders of the workplace.

How do we get to know these things? After all, it’s never as simple as merely spending time around a person; after all, hundreds of couples get divorced every year, saying after it’s all over, “I was married to Jane for twenty-five years and never knew she loved Frankie Valli!”

No, we can’t simply absorb these pieces of knowledge through osmosis. Our co-workers must allow us to … Read More »