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The Dangers of Assumptions

Posted on October 7th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Ask Your Team and Leadership Coach, Blog. No Comments

We are unique, complicated creatures, aren’t we? That’s something I was reminded of when reading this very short and to-the-point post by Seth Godin. He reminds us of 3 assumptions that we shouldn’t make:

1) That people are rational.

2) That people desire change.

3) That once on the same page, other’s views will align to your own.

Here’s an idea – go into every human interaction (well, those that you desire to be productive, profitable and pleasant) without holding onto assumptions and be prepared to be curious about the other person’s perspective. This way you won’t be blind-sided when things don’t go “your way.” Two people with very different views of the world can come to mutual decisions and form very solid partnerships – this very dynamic is what makes some of the most creative, innovative and productive teams in the world.

Remember that … Read More »

Being an Effective Leader by Building Trust

Posted on August 6th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. No Comments

In the workplace, we as workers, managers, and supervisors interact in more than just a business sense. In order to work together, we need to brew a good chemistry; in order for that to occur, we have to know each other. We spend time getting to know each other’s thought patterns, speech patterns, work and play habits, interests and pet peeves. This is especially true for managers and supervisors – the leaders of the workplace.

How do we get to know these things? After all, it’s never as simple as merely spending time around a person; after all, hundreds of couples get divorced every year, saying after it’s all over, “I was married to Jane for twenty-five years and never knew she loved Frankie Valli!”

No, we can’t simply absorb these pieces of knowledge through osmosis. Our co-workers must allow us to … Read More »