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The Dangers of Assumptions

Posted on October 7th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Ask Your Team and Leadership Coach, Blog. No Comments

We are unique, complicated creatures, aren’t we? That’s something I was reminded of when reading this very short and to-the-point post by Seth Godin. He reminds us of 3 assumptions that we shouldn’t make:

1) That people are rational.

2) That people desire change.

3) That once on the same page, other’s views will align to your own.

Here’s an idea – go into every human interaction (well, those that you desire to be productive, profitable and pleasant) without holding onto assumptions and be prepared to be curious about the other person’s perspective. This way you won’t be blind-sided when things don’t go “your way.” Two people with very different views of the world can come to mutual decisions and form very solid partnerships – this very dynamic is what makes some of the most creative, innovative and productive teams in the world.

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All Aboard! Keeping Life on Track

Posted on September 26th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. 2 comments

Don’t let another year slip by. Start making changes in your life now. Just think how much better you’ll feel at the end of 2014 by pursuing your dreams now.

First, you have to build your “dream” team of like-minded individuals of women and men who are willing to support you with structure. You’re like the “The Little Engine That Could” and you need a team of toys and other engines to help push you over the mountain top.

Your team should include individuals with the following five traits:

Is organized and knows how to create a functional time line

Has contacts and connections that can help you find the resources you need to achieve your dream
Sees the value of your dream and is willing to call you to task to accomplish it
Won’t let you “slide” because you are too tired or distracted
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Communication…Think You Have This Covered?

Posted on August 27th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. No Comments

Want to improve your company’s bottom line?
What to improve company morale?
Want to give employees the same sense of urgency you have?
Want to get your employees, from the shop to the office, pulling from the same end of the rope?

Most of us know that when we are experiencing problems with our staff, there’s some underlying communication issue that got messed up.

In other words,

Something that should have been said, wasn’t.

Someone said something that wasn’t true.

Someone made something up because they didn’t know the truth.

Something didn’t get communicated fast enough, to the right person.

Here’s a suggested solution to this Communication Quagmire that we, as leaders, find ourselves in more times than we’d care to admit:

Implement a 10 Step Company Communication Plan.

#1:  Determine what information needs to be communicated.

For your company’s current stage of growth, what are your top 5 challenges?
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