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Saying Goodbye

Posted on December 17th, by Marita Fridjhon in 2013, Blog. No Comments

farewell_290x136_scaled_croppAs I read this beautiful, down to earth account of Laurie Anderson’s “Farewell to Lou Reed”, I could not help but become emotional thinking about my own committed partnership, which in so many ways, resembles the story she tells about their relationship. It moved both of us to talk and write about what we will say about our relationship to those who care to listen when, inevitably one will remain behind.

And as I am busy with that, I am struck by how much that is positive and remarkable goes unsaid about our partners, friends, colleagues and teammates. In the oh-so-busy, fast-paced lane we all move in, relationships so frequently become transactional; the direct feedback mostly about how something needs to be done differently or better.

In current literature and in our coaching approach and practice here at CRR Global, we value the work from positive psychology. We partner with the designers of the Happiness Survey to start client engagements. And yet, I am so aware of how all of this remains shallow unless we raise the bar to acknowledge that all we know today in our relationships could be gone in a heartbeat; literally.

So today I want to challenge you to pick up this practice. Choose somebody that is dear to you. Pick a team member that you believe to be remarkable. Put your attention to a colleague whom you value for who they are and what they do. Then write about them. Write about what it is that you will say if you are interviewed after they are gone. I know this might sounds depressing because who wants to consider somebody important to you dying! And here is the joyous gift…once you finish writing that, share it with them now, while you are still together and sharing this crazy place we call ‘now’.

Read Laurie Anderson’s farewell to Lou Reed

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