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Every Dream Requires a Team!

Let’s make a plan! Whether you’re single or just starting out in the working world, a stay-at-home mom or mompreneur, a working mother or considering your next chapter, it’s still important to keep everything on track. Time management, activity coordination and planning are the keys to a successful plan.

Turn ‘brick-wall’ prospects into customers

In sales, we often find ourselves in frustrating situations. Our reactions to those situations often make the difference between closing a sale and burning a bridge. Frustration is a natural part of the sales process, whether it comes in the form of a stonewalling prospect or a vendor who won’t budge on price or quantity. Many sales careers are stunted by salespeople who rammed their heads into a brick wall rather than finding a way to get past it.

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A sales hare can still thrive in a tortoise culture

You’ve heard the phrase “slow and steady wins the race.” That may be good advice for a box turtle racing a rabbit, but for a salesperson known for decisiveness and drive, it is a poison pill.

If you are interested in making headway in the world while everyone around you is bent on sticking with the established sales niche, your work style may be incongruous with your work environment.

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Get to know each other at the office

In order to work together, we need to brew a good chemistry; for that to occur, we have to know each other. We need to spend time getting to know each other’s thought patterns, speech patterns, each other’s work and play habits, each other’s interests and pet peeves.

How do we get to know these things? After all, it’s never as simple as merely spending time around a person.

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Time management is crucial for success in sales

With all of the time constraints involved in the busy world of sales, a good salesperson has to be Superman to get everything done.

But Superman can fly. He has superhuman strength, can stop or reverse time, and he gains power from the sun.

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Control distractions to turn them into opportunities

A convenience-store clerk was once heard to remark, “This job would be great if it weren’t for the customers.”

Many times, in sales, we feel the same way: The job would be wonderful if it weren’t for other people.

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Make sure you have a purpose behind your sales

You’ve probably heard it at the park, in the grocery store or in your own home: “Mommy, Sally did something to my toy, and she did it on purpose.” So much negative connotation is wrapped up in the phrase “on purpose” that we as adults often fail to recognize the positive potential it has.

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When Fear Limits Us

One of the easiest buttons to push on a person is the Fear Button.  Have you ever thought about how fear affects the quality of your life?  Does it limit you? Does it keep you safe? Let’s explore …

The questions you need to ask yourself when that Fear Button gets pressed are:

  • What do you fear?
  • How do those fears impact your life?
  • When do other people’s fears impact your life?
  • How do you reset your buttons when facing those fears?

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Impact of Culture on Your Work

How does group culture impact your work? Do you feel at home at work or like a stranger in a strange land? At the end of the day do you go home invigorated or exhausted?

Group culture is created by the combination of behaviors, values and attitudes. Have you been told, “This is the way we do things around here”? That statement describes culture. It’s the mores, traditions – way of life in your work place.

Not everyone agrees with or easily adjusts to a group culture, yet most feel the pressure to conform. In this four part series we are going to use the DiSC® behavioral model to help us understand how individual needs, goals, fears, emotions and behaviors contribute to your feeling of comfort within group culture.

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Getting Fair Pay with Fair Play

It’s no wonder that the number of women-owned businesses is on the rise with the wage gap many women face in the workforce…

…On the other hand, for women who don’t own their own business, you’re quite the bargain for many companies! Did you know that employing women can increase a company’s revenues, profits and market share, as studies show women were still being paid 20 percent less than their male peers last year.

Whether you are an individual working woman, manager or employer, take care of yourself and other women by setting up systems for equal pay for female employees. While it may seem this way, the reality is that pay equity is not a women’s issue. It’s a global economic issue. The less a woman makes, the less she and her family have to spend. It’s time we close the earnings gap!

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Dance of Anger

I have spent the last 14 years of my life devoted to the study of Human Behavioral Styles. My studies have focused primarily on the use of a four-quadrant model commonly known as DiSC™. DiSC™ is an acronym for the Dominant, Influencing, Steady or Supportive and Conscientious behavioral styles. Due to my knowledge of DiSC™ I have been able to save several and improve upon every relationship in my world, business and personal. That is how powerful this information is when you know how to apply it to your life.

We each have what is considered a natural behavioral style. That is the one that is most comfortable for us. We have control over it and we can, when we choose to, adjust it or adapt it to a different style when necessary. However, when under pressure, or in fear, we tend to go to the place that is most comfortable for us, our natural style. Let’s face it, the higher the fear or tension, the less likely we are to think and behave rationally. We act or react more out of instinct, naturally.

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Chilling Fact: U.S. Ranks Low In Women’s Empowerment

It’s Sunday morning and I’m relaxing with my coffee and my paper. I come across a piece that catches my attention, “Cold Climate Favors Women”. Being originally from Chicago and moving rapidly through my 40s, I decided to read further. Could this be yet another clue on how to look younger? Perhaps it’s a health report. What could they mean by “Cold Climate Favors Women”? Maybe it has to do with fashion…

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A United Front

As women in the workforce, it’s time to jump back on the band wagon and to stop trying to reinvent ourselves. We should put our energies into a new strategy – one that will launch our careers as a whole “rather than,” as Gail Evans, author of “She Wins You Win,” states, “advance our careers at the expense of other women.”

The wage gap between men and women is seen across the board from non-profits to the limited number of top level positions currently held by women. In fact, studies show that women make up 47 percent of the work force, but that only 12 percent are in the upper executive ranks. However, research indicates that only 4 percent are top earners and 6.2 percent hold high-ranking titles such as, chairman, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, etc. And, did you know that among the Fortune 500 companies there are only four women CEOs?

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A Different Woman’s Purpose

“Modern invention has banished the spinning wheel, and the same law of progress makes the woman of today a different woman from her grandmother.” – Susan B. Anthony

My grandmothers were born without the right to vote. They were both young widows, single workingwomen who never remarried. They raised their children on their own as well as assisted other members of their families. They did not have microwave ovens or McDonalds…

…They both lived their lives in rented apartments and neither had their own washer or dryer. I don’t remember ever having a conversation with either of them about pay equity or a living wage. I don’t know if they ever thought about it.  They never took me to work with them. There was no “Bring your daughter to work day…”

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