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logoRSI@Work™ provides leaders with tools for communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, change management, inspiring and motivating, and improving alignment and trust. In addition, leaders learn how to share the leadership role with the entire system. In this professional development event, participants practice using RSI tools in highly-customized workplace scenarios. Leaders appreciate that these tools can be immediately applied upon return to the work environment.

Below are some examples of typical situations in the workplace that would benefit from leadership training in Relationship Systems Intelligence™.

  • Jose is a new CEO frustrated by the poor morale on his management team. He knows there is something “off” about their interactions together but he doesn’t know what. He doesn’t know how to create an atmosphere where the team feels free to tell him what is going on for them.
  • The marketing department is dominated by a few verbal individuals who do all the talking. Other team members have valuable insights but fail to speak up.
  • There is hostile gossip circulating in an organization, but no one is speaking directly to the rumors.
RSI@Work™  is a 16-hour course and can be delivered in four half-day, two single-day or one two-day training event. The course works as a stand-alone offering, and many of our clients find that its impact is increased when combined with individual and/or team coaching, and a team needs survey.


Are you seeking a professional speaker to inspire and educate your group or team? Relationship Systems Intelligence is the perfect topic to provide participants with highly researched concepts and field tested tools that can be immediately applied.

  • The presentation will be customized to meet your specific audience and event.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced Relationship Systems Intelligence expert will deliver the presentation in a fun and interactive format.
  • The RSI Expert will create an engaging atmosphere for the message to be heard so that sustainable behavior change can occur.
1/2 Day

When time and capacity permits RSI@Work is best delivered in the learning model of time spaced repetition. It allows for the participants to learn the new information and affords them the time and opportunity to apply it.

During this practice period Skill Drill Coaching is made available in a format that best fits your need and budget. Skill Drill Coaching can be conducted over the phone, via email or in person.

Course delivery days can be customized to half days, 90 minute segments or a customized combination that will best suit workplace demands and existing meeting schedules.

1 or More Individual Days

RSI@Work can be delivered in two consecutive full days or two full days delivered over time i.e. two consecutive  weeks, two consecutive months, two consecutive quarters. When spacing the delivery days it is recommended that Skill Drill Coaching be utilized in between sessions. When delivered in the two consecutive full day format Skill Drill Coaching can be conducted in a customized program following the course work.

Skill Drill Coaching is recommended not a requirement of the RSI@Work course.

Join us for the next public course being offered in Charlotte, NC – click the link for more details.

RSI@Work 2-Day Public Workshop: January 22 & 23, 2015

As Part of a Larger Learning Partnership

Your organization may currently be engaged with another learning initiative. RSI@Work is highly customizable to compliment and deepen that learning. Our team of experts will meet with you to design a customized process that will align with your learning objectives in order to accomplish your strategic goals.

Our clients have found that by working with the our experts and incorporating RSI@Work with other learning initiatives they are able to achieve sustainable results in a highly efficient and timely manner.

Please contact us to discuss how we may design a program that will support your organizational strategic goals and initiatives. In addition to what you may be currently using or have used in the past, we have many tools including assessments, individual and or team coaching, on-line support and more.

Please contact us to set up a scheduling call.

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