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RESET™ Your Buttons by Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Want Better Relationships at Work and at Home?

When you learn how to RESET Your Buttons™, you’re really putting to use a skill set that is absolutelly necessary for anyone working with other people in a professional envirnoment. Learning how to recognize the way you react to your work culture and learning how to cope with negative stimuli is an absolute must for those of us who want to succeed in business and in life.

How Full Is Your Bucket? Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton
Exerpt: “It is possible for just one or two people to poison an entire workplace. And managers who have tried moving negative people to other departments to alleviate the problem know that “location, location, location” doesn’t apply to these people; they bring their negativity along with them wherever they go. Negative employees can tear through a workplace like a hurricane racing through a coastal town. …


Recently, we investigated the impact that a single employee can have on customers by studying 4,583 call center representatives from a major telecommunications company. We discovered three service representatives who scared off every single customer they spoke with in a given day – and those customers did not return… the company would have been better off paying those three representatives to stay home.”

She Wins You Win by Gail Evans
Exerpt: “The other day I gave a speech to the women of a division of one of America’s largest companies. They’d asked me to talk about female mentoring, as they had recently instituted their first program. I asked them if the men had a similar plan. The answer was no-because the men had never asked for one. This made me realize that women have to be careful not to repeat the 1970’s, when we wore those terrible, broad shouldered dress for success suits and sported male breifcases as though we were trying to turn into men. By setting these formal mentoring programs, we are taking something the men do naturally and formalizing it in an artifcial way.

Question: Why don’t the men need to learn about mentoring? Answer: They have instinctively mentored each other for generations. Every male boss loves finding the bright young man to succeed him. It’s another feather in his cap – he’s so smart, he’s found a hotshot who can follow him up the ladder.

That’s what women have to start doing too. …. “

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