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Rebuilding Shattered Weekend Expectations

Posted on April 29th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2012, Blog, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. No Comments

Shattered2_290x136_scaled_croppAs you gear up for the weekend do you have expectations of how it will look? Perhaps it’s attending a sporting event, having a picnic in the park, hosting out-of-town guests or doing a home improvement project? Whatever you have planned, it is your weekend and you “expect” it to go the way you planned. So, there is nothing worse than losing your weekend to one of life’s curveballs such as a sudden illness, a rained-out picnic, or a child coming home with a case of head lice (yuck).

Essentially your “system” has been impacted. Take tackling head lice for example. Your weekend and your home have now been turned upside down. What was once a weekend of fun family activities, a few chores and some downtime now consists of cancelling your plans, spending money on lice treatment, treating your entire household family, and doing 20 billion loads of laundry – not to mention the higher power bill that will come from having to wash everything in hot water and dry it on a high heat. As the list goes on and the laundry mound grows, your disappointment increases exponentially. Your expectations of how your weekend would look are now shattered.

It’s not just our own expectations, but that of our spouse, family and others involved in our plans. Our entire system has been impacted by this curveball. What does it take to manage our expectations of our coveted weekend time?

First ask what is the dream behind the expectation? What are you feeling most disappointed about right now? “Disappointment breeds where there is no opportunity.” (RESET Your Buttons®, page 17) 

Consider this, what can still be salvaged from this situation? What opportunity lies beyond the disappointment?

The key to getting through a situation and surviving a curveball is to adjust your attitude. Determine your worst case scenario. If it is dealing with a case of head lice, look at as an opportunity for doing a major spring cleaning. If there is rain in the forecast for a planned outdoor party, what at other options for doing the party inside or at another location. If a sudden illness alters a dream vacation, reschedule the trip so you have something to look forward to after your recovery.

While you can’t predict what life will throw at you, you do have control of your expectations and actions. Make the most of every weekend and if you get thrown a curveball, take a deep breath, adjust your attitude and enjoy.

Until next time…I remain…

Joyfully yours,

Mary Elizabeth Murphy

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