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Law Enforcement Workshops

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Law Enforcement Workshops

These team-building exercises are designed to increase confidence among team members and build stronger partnerships.  Through innnovation and the expression of ideas, participants learn more about their own and other team members’ individual strengths.

Through the Law Enforcement Workshop, Participants Are Learning…

“… to get more and better work out of the officers on my shift. Better relations at home with all family members.”

“… to identify the type of employee and what method to use in dealing with that employee.”

“… to accomplish objectives by relating to others on their level and personal style.”

“… to better deal with others.”

“…to understand why I operate the way I do – why others operate the way they do.”

“…to communicate better with co-workers and subordinates.”

To learn more about S.T.A.R. Resources’ Law Enforcement Workshops, call Mary Elizabeth Murphy today at 704-535-5610 or email her at

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