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It’s All About Your Attitude

Posted on February 7th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. No Comments

It’s All About Your Attitude™

Most people believe attitudes just happen. They don’t. The thoughts we hold in our mind, over time, become our attitudes. These attitudes become the blueprint for our experiences. Negative attitudes, full of fear and doubt, reinforce negative, unproductive, self-defeating behaviors. 

But thinking positively creates positive attitudes, responses and feelings to the people and events around us. This awareness is the first step in changing negative attitudes to positive ones.  Participants learn to:

  • Earn more through improved communication;
  • Produce more by changing negative attitudes into positive, high energy performance;
  • Achieve more freedom by making decisions with confidence.

To learn more about the It’s All About Your AttitudeTM program or other S.T.A.R. programs, call Mary Elizabeth Murphy today at 704-535-5610 or email her at

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