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How Does It Feel?

Posted on December 21st, by Laurie Taylor in 2014, Blog, Team Building. No Comments

How does what feel, Laurie? Glad you asked!

A definition of FEEL is: to be conscious of an inward impression, state of mind, or physical condition.

How does your company feel when you walk in the door? How do your employees feel about coming to work every day? How do your customers feel about you? How do your vendors feel about working with you? How do you feel about your employees? How do your employees feel about you?

A definition of FEELING is: an emotional state or reaction.

Too often in our business minds, we lose the emotional sense of what having a business is all about. A business isn’t a machine and employees aren’t cogs in a wheel. Our businesses are all about people and people are feeling human beings. We feel deeply at all levels. Those feelings don’t go away when we are at our place of business so why are our feelings so often ignored?

Instead of ignoring how people feel, ask them. Instead of backing away from your own feelings, allow those feelings to show up. I call it ‘being human’. Imagine how your company would feel when feelings such as pride, confidence, belonging and a sense of well-being permeated your business every day.

Are you feeling up to it?


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