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Help, My Saboteur is Running Amok!

Posted on May 10th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2010, Blog, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 1 Comment

help_290x136_scaled_croppWow – it’s Friday morning 10:29 am and I’m already way behind in my personally set deadline to have my weekly Weekend Attitude Adjustment out by 10:15am every Thursday morning.

Ugh – I feel a sense of failure and overwhelm coming on – again. My saboteur, the “Noid” is rattling around in my head saying awful things including, “You are a failure, you never get anything done, and if by chance you do get something done it’s always on a wing and a prayer. If people really knew what a mess you are, they would never listen to a word you had to say”. (physical reaction – neck & shoulders tightening, jaw clenching, heart rate increasing, shallow breathing)

Whoa – Deep breath , okay maybe another deep breath, one more deep breath – a neck roll, a sip of coffee and a look out the window in front of me at the beautiful green on my red tip bushes , the birds playing in them and the sun shining and warming the earth.

Ahhh – an easier breath and a reminder recognizing that RESET Your Buttons is more than the title of my new book, it’s something that I need to …. Oops there goes another button.

“Mary Elizabeth, now you are using your Weekend Attitude Adjustment Newsletter/Blog/Thingy to shamelessly promote your book. SHAAAAMMMMEEEE ONNNN YOUUUU!!!! And besides you know the website isn’t updated the way you know it should be so why even commit this shameless act? Sure go ahead promote the book and send people to the website and let them see that Once Again You Are A MESS!”

Deep Sigh (complete w/shrugging shoulders) – my Noid or Saboteur is in rare form today. It obviously got way more sleep last night than I did… hmmm maybe that is something else I need to Recognize!

• It is much easier for my Negative Noid to operate when I did not get enough sleep.
• And hey wait a minute, I also did not eat dinner last night .
• Actually, I did not eat breakfast or lunch either.

What did I eat? Oh yes a half a bag of sea salt rice chips and a glass of Pellegrino Mineral water and yep coffee. I did have goat cheese, crackers and a tangerine before I crashed on the couch …

Hmmm – so let’s Take Stock – my Saboteur – who I have named the “Noid” – is running amok in my head this morning because – well could it be – because I ran around amok yesterday and didn’t give myself the proper rest and nutrition????

Deep breath – because really, I am pretty good at successfully running my life. My husband and I have been married 15 years and he will tell you “13 of them happily”. I suppose if were completely honest I would agree. My 18 year old consulting, training and coaching company is doing well. We have long standing clients with whom we have great relationships. I/we have great friends, family is doing well and I am respected by my colleagues. We are keeping up with our bills (some months better than others), there is food in the refrigerator, we are finally clearing clutter and decorating our home (after 15 years), and I’ve started yoga with RESET Your Buttons Club Biz Partner , Wellness With Attitude.

One more deep breath – whoa all that deep breathing and sighing is making me light headed ….

So – there you have it. Take some time this weekend to RESET Your Buttons – if your “Noid” is not bothering you GREAT! If your Celebration and Loving Life Button is activated, good for you.

However, if your saboteur is active and playing around with your other buttons, the ones that cause you self-doubt, run through these steps:

  • Recognize – that a button has been pushed and determine which one(s).
    Breathe Deeply and focus on something positive or beautiful that is outside of you to take you away from the tape that is playing in your head.
  • Be Aware – that the saboteur can be sneaky and slip right back in and mess with your new outlook.
  • Take Stock – what are you thinking, how are you feeling, what are you doing – sometimes, like in my case, take a look at what might have led up to the saboteur gaining power. How did you sleep last night? Are you eating right for your nutritional needs? Is there too much on your “to do” list? How much of that list is self-imposed?
  • Collect evidence – remember who you are and all that you have accomplished in your life. Remember that even if you have “failed” at something – that does not make you a failure. Collect evidence and remind yourself of all that you have accomplished and when you were successful. … and begin to build from that RESET Mindset.
  • Take a moment – to celebrate all that you are … pull those shoulders back, sit or stand up straight, put a smile on your face, walk tall, maybe even do a little “happy dance”.
  • Be yourself – no one else is qualified for the job!

Do you have a “Saboteur Story” to share? Please click on the comment link and tell us about it. We love hearing from you.
Until next time I remain …..

Joyfully yours,
Mary Elizabeth

One thought on “Help, My Saboteur is Running Amok!

  1. I hope you got more sleep this weekend, than your saboteur, not to mention more food. Clearing the clutter and breathing are great steps. Did I hear applause from you and your Husband for that? Delighted you are doing Yoga with us, thanks for the link. Please remember part of breathing is being present in your mind with your breath, that little Noid cannot get in there at the same time! Make next week one of food, drink, breath, and sleep daily!! And most of all keep the brilliant, honest, sense of humor.

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