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Green is in the air

Posted on March 11th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments


Chicago River


St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Chances are good that where you live there is some sort of “wearin’ o’ the green” celebration.

In Chicago, my kinda town, the river is turned green. Growing up it seemed to me that it was green anyway, but for St. Patrick’s Day – you guessed it – even greener! In the past they released 100 lbs. of green vegetable dye into the river, keeping it green for a week. Today they  only use 40 lbs., keeping it green for several hours.

Whether it’s the Chicago River or the grass outside your front door, “green is in the air”.  Have you noticed the tiny buds of spring flowers popping up through the soil? Some of the trees in Charlotte, NC are already filling in their leaves.

What will you do this weekend to Celebrate the Green? Do you have a family tradition that you would be willing to share? My mom used to make  corned beef and cabbage for dinner. I’ve never made it, but thought I would attempt it this year with the help of my trusty crock pot.

Find a reason to celebrate “the green” this weekend. Will it be using green frosting on those home made cupcakes? How about a walk in the park? Maybe you will be spending some green, perhaps on a salad filled with lots “o’ leafy greens”.  You could make a lunch date with that friend you keep meaning to call.

Remember, Kermit the Frog said “it’s not easy being green”. Let’s make being green easy this weekend – find fun ways and enjoy “green”. Then drop us  a note and tell us how you did it!

Until next time, I remain…

Joyfully yours,

Mary Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Green is in the air

  1. I am hoping that all of this misty fog and rain means a wonderful green spring and the end of draught issues for the Carolina’s! I missed being in Mississppi for the Sweet Potato Queen Parade. I did listen to The Secret again and am facing the world with new hope. I am taking my week ends now to enjoy my family and farm. I can work M-F and get it all done just fine. All those weekends before don’t seem to have mattered after all. This is a tough economy but our true friends and family are still here.

    • Thank you Tina for taking the time to share with us. I love the idea of a very green spring. I really appreciate your news about sharing the weekend with your family.

      Someone once said – on our deathbed we don’t wish we had spent more time at the office. Thank you for reminding us about what’s important and showing us it is possible. Happy Green Spring!

      Joyfully yours,
      Mary Elizabeth

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