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Eight Days A Week

Posted on March 26th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. No Comments

8 days a week1It is Saturday morning. I have to share with you what a great weekend I am having already.

It started yesterday with having lunch with a wonderful friend for 4 hours. We exchanged all sorts of thoughts and ideas and both left feeling inspired through our deeper connection – and very full. Cracker Barrel definitely provides an abundance of comfort food.

This morning I was awake early enough to see the sun burst through my living room window. It filled the entire room with it’s brilliance.

Soon after, I made coffee and had my first ever cinnamon crumpet. It toasted perfectly, and as I savored each bite, my senses were filled with warmth and the aroma of cinnamon. My husband joined me in the kitchen and I toasted a crumpet for him to enjoy. It was a lovely start to what will be a perfect day!

The song “8 Days A Week” by the Beatles is running through my mind. “Ain’t got nothin but love babe – 8 Days a Week”.

Would you mind an 8 day week if every moment of it were filled with love? What if you experienced love overflowing… more love than 7 days can hold?

Last weekend I attended an event w/my brother. The event was in Chicago and I was able to personally see the Green River! But I digress.  At the event they spoke of the Daily 8. The concept was to take 8 specific actions everyday to build your business.

What if everyday we took 8 actions with love as our intention? What if our purpose was to have everyone we encounter feel loved? What would happen in the world if everyone of us did this at least 8 Times a Day“? (hear the song)

An edited version from Wikipedia: “An agent‘s intention in performing an action is his or her specific purpose. “

 Bob Picha, a Master Teacher and mentor of mine, recently gave a marketing presentation where he spoke of the necessity of intention and attention when selling.

More from Wikipedia: “Attention is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things. Examples include listening carefully to what someone is saying while ignoring other conversations in a room or listening to a cell phone conversation while driving a car.”

Let’s be logical for a moment as we think about this emotional intention. Consider the last time you did something for someone purely because you love them. An example, this morning I wanted to share my crumpet experience with my husband, so that his day would have a  pleasant start. I already love him.

What if you started the morning off with the intention of love? Love for yourself, love for nature’s beauty, love for the people you encounter. How would you focus your attention if this were your intention? How would your actions change? What if instead of driving through Starbucks while on your cell phone discussing your next big  to do or unresolved problem – with the intention of love, you gave your attention to the person who is handing you your coffee. How would you connect with this person? Would you take a moment to make eye contact and smile? What would you say?

How do you provide your product and/or service with love? Recently I had a bit of a weather crisis happening less than 12 hours before our annual trade show was to open. It was scheduled to be held in a venue that was essentially outdoors. It became very evident very quickly that we were going to have to take drastic measures to move the event. With the help of key people who love what they do, and, I believe care very deeply about me and the success of our events, not only did we move the event but it was so seamless to our exhibitors and attendees it has been proclaimed nothing short of a miracle.

Isn’t that what love is – the key ingredient to miracles? Isn’t it love that drives you to want to leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Where can you show love this weekend? Can you allow it to overflow into next week? How will your actions show your intention of love? Will your attention to others and their needs define your purpose?

I am so excited about this idea – I am overflowing with love for each of you. Toast a crumpet and join the conversation.

And until next time I remain lovingly and ….

Joyfully yours,

Mary Elizabeth

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