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Communication…Think You Have This Covered?

Posted on August 27th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. No Comments


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  • Want to improve your company’s bottom line?
  • What to improve company morale?
  • Want to give employees the same sense of urgency you have?
  • Want to get your employees, from the shop to the office, pulling from the same end of the rope?

Most of us know that when we are experiencing problems with our staff, there’s some underlying communication issue that got messed up.

In other words,

Something that should have been said, wasn’t.

Someone said something that wasn’t true.

Someone made something up because they didn’t know the truth.

Something didn’t get communicated fast enough, to the right person.

Here’s a suggested solution to this Communication Quagmire that we, as leaders, find ourselves in more times than we’d care to admit:

Implement a 10 Step Company Communication Plan.

#1:  Determine what information needs to be communicated.

  1. For your company’s current stage of growth, what are your top 5 challenges?
  2. Who are your top 3 competitors and why?
  3. What is your Vision, Mission and Values?
  4. What is your growth strategy?
  5. How will each employee impact that strategy?
  6. Daily key indicators by division and by total company.

#2: Determine how that information will be communicated (email, formal memo, meetings, newsletter).

  1. NEVER allow negative information to be sent via email
  2. Reduce your communication via email and increase your communication with face-to-face meetings

#3:  Design a program, such as one-on-one meetings between supervisors and direct reports, that encourages consistent and intentional communication with all employees.

  1. Managers should meet weekly for 30 minutes with direct reports
  2. Encourage dialogue around 3 key areas: feedback, employee development, employee performance

#4:  Develop a protocol in your company for ALL meetings – company meetings, team meetings, division meetings, one-on-one meetings.

  1. Weekly manager/employee meetings
  2. Monthly company meetings
  3. Weekly division meetings

#5: Determine what information needs to be transferred to other people in your company.

  1. Solutions to problems encountered
  2. Success stories
  3. Introduction of new employees
  4. Immediate change in critical key indicators
  5. Project updates with milestones met and missed

#6:  Determine how you will capture and transfer that information.

  1. Customer Relationship Mgmt and/or ERP solution
  2. Notes from meetings posted on intranet
  3. Newsletter
  4. Weekly email updates

#7:  Determine what the CEO/Leadership Team knows that others need to know.

  1. Status of sales compared to projections
  2. Status of expenditures compared to projections
  3. Gross margin updates on all revenue groups compared to projections
  4. Successful new client acquisitions
  5. Competitor updates
  6. New opportunities

#8:  Determine what Managers of the company know that others need to know

  1. Project updates compared to projections
  2. Capacity planning, workload planning
  3. Division and department updates

#9:  Determine what the Staff in your company know that others need to know

  1. What is working and what isn’t working
  2. What their contacts are saying and responding to
  3. Success stories
  4. Solutions uncovered, problems solved

#10:  Determine what individual Teams in your company know that others need to know

  1. What worked and what didn’t work
  2. Project milestones
  3. Success stories
  4. Customer’s input

Most issues in a company start because of a lack of communication and most issues in a company remain unresolved because of a lack of communication.

If you aren’t thinking about Communications, critical aspects of your operation aren’t getting communicated to the right people at the right time.

And more than likely, your Communications aren’t happening as frequently or consistently as they should.

Start being intentional about communication.


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