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Leaders Need A New Paradigm

Posted on November 4th, by Marita Fridjhon Anne Rod Faith Fuller in 2014, Blog, RSI. No Comments

Leaders need a new paradigm that can offer the speed and scale required to adapt and
thrive in the face of constant change.

Adding to the external dynamics impinging on organizations, a transformation is taking place from the
inside as the next generation of workers, the Millennials, are making their mark and comprising a
majority of the workforce. Digital natives accustomed to nearly constant connectivity and feedback,
they are forcing previous generations to rethink how they will lead teams and organizations.

Mass collaboration, seeking diversity and having an innovation-focus are no longer merely competitive
advantages. They have become a matter of survival for organizations. In this environment, 21st
Century International Skills1 become key factors, preparing and enabling the upcoming generations for
success and organizations for transformation. The through-lines of these skills are: systems thinking,
working creatively together, collaboration across diversity and acting with the larger community in
mind2 . Subsequent generations … Read More »