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Build & Sustain High Performance Strategic Teams

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Build & Sustain High Performance Strategic Teams

In this fun, interactive, experiential, adult learning workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Recognize how individual needs, values and beliefs influence attitudes and behavior;
  • Identify and develop work expectations that increase communication, commitment, trust and job satisfaction;
  • Use acts of leadership to get the team to own their results and take full responsibility for their performance;
  • Use proactive responses to change that increase and sustain productivity.

Individual Insights include:

  • How to help people understand their preferences for work activities and job tasks.
  • Understanding diversity in work roles.  See how others may have motivations, priorities and instincts that compete with your own.
  • Valuing all work roles.  Develop a model and language to more systematically, cooperatively, and efficiently work with others.

Group Insights include:

  • Building knowledge about project development.  Help people understand how a team or organization creates, develops, and realizes an idea or project.
  • Create balance in work tasks.  Help individuals within groups understand that they may have to fill different work roles as a project progresses.

Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Improve team spirit, motivation and loyalty
  • Focus on the individual strengths that bring high performance in individual and team activity
  • Inspire leadership and a higher awareness of the motivational needs of self and others

To learn more about building and sustaining high performance strategic teams, call Mary Elizabeth Murphy today at 704-535-5610 or email her at

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