Strategic Teams Achieving Results


We provide multiple assessments to help with leadership, management and supervisor development, team building, sales skills, customer service, best hiring practices, communication, organizational and small business growth and culture.

Once you create an environment where people want to work, you want to hold and sustain it. This is why hiring practices and hiring benchmark assessments are vital for any organization. We utilize two of the largest publishers of William Molton Marston’s DISC assessment and hold licenses with several others including Growth Curve and RSI@Work. We assess the talent and the job to create alignment around your organization’s needs. Our assessments will help to determine sales talent and skill level, team cohesion, preferred roles on a team, values, motivators and more.

If your HR department has a need for these and other assessments without the additional need of one of our expert facilitators, consultants or coaches, we can be your exclusive provider. When you purchase assessments, facilitator kits or leader manuals through us, you will also have access to our expertise and advice on implementation and best practices.

 “Mecklenburg County Information Services & Technology hired S.T.A.R. Resources to work with its senior leadership team to improve teamwork, communication, and collaboration. The engagement started with a DiSC assessment. This was followed by a team retreat, work sessions, and individual coaching. Mary Elizabeth helped us increase our self knowledge and awareness and recognize our strengths and weaknesses; determine our motivators; adapt our styles in order to get along better with others; and improve our management by understanding the styles, dispositions, and priorities of our employees and co-workers. Mary Elizabeth was so effective because she is engaging and presents the material with such energy, enthusiasm, and passion. She helps you see yourself and others through different lenses.” ~ Tammy Dixon, Customer Support Center Director, Mecklenburg County