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Are You Reacting From Fear?

Posted on May 9th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Ask Your Team and Leadership Coach, Blog. No Comments

How does fear affect your life and your decisions? Does it limit you?  Does it keep you safe?  My good friend and longtime client, Mike, introduced me to this quick video on YouTube – take a look:



It is believed that these Amazon Indians are from one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes.  These striking images, made public recently by, show the Indians painted bright red or black, hurling bows and arrows at the photographer’s helicopter.

Can you put yourself in their place?  Are you already there?  How do you measure whether something new is a threat or a brave new world?

What do you think?  Are there opportunities in your life you attacked, out of fear?  Was that instinct a good one?  What will you do differently next time?  I’d like to hear your story.

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