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All Aboard! Keeping Life on Track

Posted on September 26th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. 2 comments

train4_290x136_scaled_croppPrint S.T.A.R. Resources ArticleDon’t let another year slip by. Start making changes in your life now. Just think how much better you’ll feel at the end of 2014 by pursuing your dreams now.

First, you have to build your “dream” team of like-minded individuals of women and men who are willing to support you with structure. You’re like the “The Little Engine That Could” and you need a team of toys and other engines to help push you over the mountain top.

Your team should include individuals with the following five traits:

  • Is organized and knows how to create a functional time line
  • Has contacts and connections that can help you find the resources you need to achieve your dream
  • Sees the value of your dream and is willing to call you to task to accomplish it
  • Won’t let you “slide” because you are too tired or distracted
  • Is willing to listen to you whine and complain when it just isn’t working

Keep the lines of communication open with your team and to have a plan.

  • Invite them to lunch or coffee for an initial meeting.
  • Share your goal and assign someone to each role – advisor, mentor, sounding board, accountability coach, organizer, or connector.
  • Schedule a time once a week or twice a month when you will check in with them about your progress. You can do this collectively or individually by phone, in person or via e-mail.
  • Honor their time and yours – be sure to show up when you say you will and have done what you committed to – don’t expect them to keep you focused if you aren’t willing to make the effort.
  • Excuses stop here – frustration, angst, anxiety are allowed, but no more excuses.

Mary Elizabeth Murphy is CEO of S.T.A.R. Resources and author of RESET Your Buttons®. She can be reached at or at 704-535-5610. Follow her on and at @star_resources on Twitter.




2 thoughts on “All Aboard! Keeping Life on Track

  1. Paula Lesso on said:

    I agree completely, step out of our comfort zone and ask people to be on your Dream Team. They are happy to be asked and to support you. We would be willing to support someone if they asked us. Be willing to take the good with the bad, as the article says, they won’t let you “slide”,

    • Mary Elizabeth Murphy on said:

      Thank you Paula for adding to the conversation. What are some of the ways that you support others or have been supported by your “dream team”?

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